Offer your clients high-end, flexible, high-performance and quality documentary expertise!

4DConcept offers you a complete range of products and services, bringing strong added value to your offers. Whether you or your customers implements documentary solutions, whether you have to meet new range of features in addition to your offers or whether you want to enhance the frame of your professional services, you can rely on us.

Take advantage of professional documentary expertise and “à la carte” assemblies around provided training courses, advices and support packages by our most experienced facilitators.

Select our level of partnership that suits you the most, we will support you in all your projects.


Why become a partner of 4D Concept?

  • Strengthen your growth strategy
  • We provide innovative solutions through investments in R&D
  • We have a long-term market vision to help you build long-term business strategies
  • Our partners receive in-depth training on 4D Concept solutions
  • A structured and free integration process to enable you to become independent
  • Co-marketing program
  • Targeted solutions for each sector
  • Access to 4D Concept solutions support
  • Optimized system performance
  • We are experts in ASD, ATA and DITA documentation standards
  • Partners have exclusive access to new product demonstrations, pre-releases, private beta programs, and design resources.

We partner with the world's leading technology providers to fast track your ambition.

We share the same objective: to increase the performance and efficiency of processes and methods.
Integrated Training and Documentation
Specialists in technical documentation and experts in STE (Simplified Technical English). The necessary expertise to ensure the proper use and distribution of our offers throughout the Victoria area (Australia and New Zealand).
Key Graphic
Key Graphic is a Parisian photo-renowned for its premium positioning. Since its integration into the Maury Group (2005), French leader of printing, Key Graphic has developed a model / photo-pole and continued to advance in the control of the image. Key Graphic supports its customers to modern technology production monitoring, and dissemination of information. The partnership between 4D Concept and Key Graphic enables us to offer a comprehensive range of complete editorial workflow.
Larson Software Technology develops powerful and innovative CGM and SVG graphics software based on open standards.
The Marklogic solution, a 'Not Only SQL' and Big Data content server and database publisher, is a flexible and robust technology that takes advantage of XML's native database and all content types, using a powerful query language. Marklogic is used in our XMS product range.
Maury Imprimeur Group
SyncRO Soft publishes <oXygen/>, a java XML editor that is thoroughly reliable and programmatically flexible enough to allow customized development. <oXygen/> drives our ADAM Author and XMS Author products.
PDFreactor® is an industry-recognized flagship product, which is used for server-side conversion of HTML to PDF whenever electronic and typeset-quality print output of business content is required. Being an OEM partner, 4D Concept integrates RealObjects PDFreactor into its ADAM Software Suite in order to enhance publishing and distributing of technical documentation.
4D CONCEPT's client and partner for digital continuity and document systems modernization projects. ADAM SUITE partner for A350XWB customers and for those requiring Engineering Orders management.
4D CONCEPT's partner in the airline markets. ADAM SUITE and HEYSQUID cover the next generation of FlightOps documentation offers. Now integrated to MISSION+.
The European leader in digital transformation has opted for our technologies to extend its product and service offering. Our partner to address the new modernization projects of the French forces.
RealObjects provides standards-based solutions for electronic publishing, content creation and web-to-print.
Spatial has distinguished itself as a leading provider of world-class 3D software components. Pioneer of the world's first 3D modeling component technology, ACIS®. Spatial is now part of the Dassault Systèmes group.
Tweddle Group
Tweddle Group is a company specializing in document engineering. It offers a full range of solutions and services throughout the product information lifecycle. Its offer ranges from the creation to the printing of the technical documentation through the management of the contents and their translation. By moving closer to 4D Concept, Tweddle intends, on the one hand, to introduce the French market by allying itself with a local player with knowledge of the French automotive market, and on the other hand, to deepen its offer by importing an advanced Content Management System, reliable and quality dedicated to the DITA. Recognized by the reputation, experience and knowledge of the global automotive market of the US firm, the XMS DITA offer is therefore a real boost in the international strategy of conquest desired by 4D Concept.

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