Special-Purpose Machine

The Special-Purpose Machine sector is much more a set of engineering disciplines than a market in the economic sense of the term; a Special-Purpose Machine is designed according to an industrial need whether it is in aeronautics, logistics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, health, electronics, etc..

4D CONCEPT has designed the DITA FACTORY CCMS based on its many experiences of documentary creation with Special Machines designers. Our DITA solution covers the complete range of publications concerning the maintenance and use of your Special Machines: operating instructions, maintenance manuals, quick start guides, etc.

We work with our customers in implementing the DITA standard for documents correlated with the design and operation of their machines, while complying with the recommendations of the Machinery Directive (Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 17, 2006).

Thanks to DITA FACTORY CCMS, accelerate your document update cycles, during the development and prototyping phases as well as after FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing).

Simultaneously publish your source-language and translated and localized versions of your documents.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS allows you to manage your document data in relation to the functions of your machines and according to your customers’ configurations, as delivered.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS propels you into Industry 4.0.

Whether via DITA Viewer or through a Web CMS, easily show your customers your digital offer and supply your After Sales or Customer Care portal with interactive and personalized publications!


The document workshop DITA FACTORY was born from 4D CONCEPT’s expertise with car manufacturers in the fields of industrial (heavy goods) or consumer (light) vehicles.


The automotive industry is a cross-border industry on a global scale and the needs, often subject to different regulations and decrees for internationalization (translation and localization).


The DITA FACTORY CCMS gives you the ability to produce content and create publications for all media:

  • printed paper
  • PDF Digital
  • HTML/HTML5 for the web
  • Connected iOS and ANDROID apps
  • On-board information
  • etc.

 and corresponding to all documentary needs:

  • Owner Manual (on-board documentation): manuals, guides, booklets, maintenance records, etc.
  • Maintenance Manual: technical descriptions, repair manuals, manual and time schedules, certificates of conformity, etc.

Find out how the DITA Manager CMS and its export/import capabilities will allow you to go even further by benefiting from pilot-process management for Service Bulletins, data distribution to third party partners, integration of OEM flows and many other applications.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS is at the heart of your customer relationship.

4D CONCEPT guides and supports you in the implementation of the DITA FACTORY CCMS but also in the technological choices that will make you stand out for your users, such as the integration of an augmented reality engine (used in the digital apps of the PSA Group: ScanMy Peugeot, ScanMy Citroën and ScanMy DS), multilingual personalization, redesigning your publications, etc.

Rail transport

Rail transport is a whole industrial and economic sector that has long hesitated to implement a unified documentary standard.
Numerous initiatives have been launched: EuroSpec for rail network operators, RailDex for maintenance and inspired by the ASD S1000D, as well as numerous research projects aimed at improving the operation and safety of all equipment and systems.
The world of Rail Transport is finally ready to update its XML document production chains; the DITA standard fully meets the regulatory, international and interoperability expectations and will become the guarantor of digital transformation in this sector.


The DITA FACTORY document workbench is constantly evolving and all of its features reflect the expertise of 4D CONCEPT.
DITA FACTORY is quick to implement, lets you set up profile-based mechanisms, and is compatible with the whole spectrum of railway publication templates.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS (Component Content Management System) provides you with the ability to produce interactive web or print content for all your information:

  • Company Manuals
    • General code of Operating Rules
    • Emergency Response Guide
    • Operating Practices Compliance
    • Rail-Highway Operations
  • Operations
    • Operators Manual
    • Operators Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Maintenance
    • Inspection and Preventive Maintenance
    • Heavy and Light maintenance
    • Special Support Equipment
    • Illustrated Parts Catalog
    • Structural and Carbody Repair
    • Schematics

4D CONCEPT guides and supports you in all stages of digitization and optimizing updates.

Our teams advise you by analyzing the existing processes, the documentation base and the software architecture; our aim is to identify areas for rapid and medium-term improvement.

We offer training courses adapted to all contributors of the technical documentation life cycle; buy-in of the DITA standard is greatly facilitated by the DITA FACTORY CCMS which is especially suited to the technical constraints of the railway sector.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS guides you through your digitization.

The capabilities offered by the DITA FACTORY CCMS are based on the latest technologies. In addition to putting your users at ease, it will improve the impact of your deliverables and your ability to navigate between content.

Users, operators, or maintenance agents: all connected!

Rapid identification of work zones thanks to the integration of an Augmented Reality engine or beacons, multilingual customization, redesign of the synoptic, interaction between the different roles via DITA Viewer, etc

Software engineering

The DITA standard was originally developed by IBM to enable more efficient reuse of product documentation content (hardware and software).

It is therefore in its history, linked to software engineering, that we find its origins and its extreme consistency with the world of IT development – modular, complex, international and perpetually updated for near real-time roll-outs.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS enables you to automate and industrialize repetitive tasks so that you can synchronize document production with product releases and all intermediate milestones such as transaction validations, or “commits”.

As DITA architecture was built with mapping between topics and unique features, the DITA Manager CMS allows you to follow the cycles of functional and documentary updates by relying on its fully configurable unique identifier management system.

The publication chains offered by DITA Publisher allow you to automate the distribution of files for online help (such as Microsoft, Eclipse, Webhelp and Tooltips mapping, etc.), to offer standalone HTML5 outputs or HTML data batches that can be integrated directly into the software..

Le CCMS DITA FACTORY pour une documentation intégrée à vos développements.

Le CMS DITA Manager procurant des API REST peut rapidement s’interfacer avec vos forges logicielles et s’intégrer dans vos processus de développement.


Product marketing

Providing a great digital showcase is a major challenge and in addition to monitoring the descriptive data of your products and their updates, the DITA FACTORY CCMS allows you to obtain the degree of reactivity and the flexibility which you need for publication.

Structure to sell better and save money!

Easily add metadata to your content and enrich the attributes demanded by different platforms while integrating a standardized DITA environment, guaranteeing the internationalization of your descriptions and their publication in your catalog, print or digital offerings.

Benefit from digital publication channels that meet the expectations and recommendations of the most influential platforms such as Google Merchant Center or Amazon Seller Central.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS increase your visibility

Trace your products through a unique identifier system included in the DITA Manager CMS and link your products to your purchasing statistics data or to your CRM.

Standards organization and legal publishing

Laws, codes, ordinances, decrees, orders, circulars, guides, alerts (such as those published in 2020 for COVID-19), policy decisions, etc. All these texts, representing a gigantic volume of information, are ordered, prioritized and linked together.


This sprawling structure, with EU legal texts at its apex, which have to be translated for all the members of the European Union, with multiple distribution channels, justifies the use of the DITA XML standard, based on the reuse of the content to be published.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS, thanks to its exceptional load-bearing capacity, makes it possible to:

  • quickly track text updates,
  • better manage case-law,
  • preserve the coherence of the texts,
  • make libraires of definitions (topic concepts or bibliographic databases),
  • contextualize (texts from work, health, etc. fields),
  • enrich with multidimensional links (meaning to several texts) to standardized or non-standardized references,
  • replace references with reading tracking (link resolution),
  • monitor translations and
  • disseminate better in all channels (print, web, mobile app, exports and legal datafeeds, etc.).

The DITA Manager CMS with its Semantic option offers an additional dimension to legal information searches by recognizing nominal groups and allowing fine meshing using inference rules.

Other markets

For a large volume of information, frequent updates, cross-media publication and regular translations in several languages, the DITA FACTORY CCMS is made for you!

Choose the DITA standard for its interoperability, its ability to respond to current issues and its consistency with the needs of YOUR users.

Choose the DITA FACTORY CCMS and 4D CONCEPT publishing system to support you at every step in the development of your documentation projects.

Whether in the commercial, technical or scientific fields, anyone can switch to DITA.

Submit your projects to us and we will let you know if you are eligible for DITA!

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