The DITA FACTORY CCMS is simple, not simplistic

The ergonomic design of the DITA Manager CMS interface is based on two simple concepts: “propose what’s useful at the right time” and “minimize the number of clicks”.

The interfaces are specific to the roles and jobs of document production under the DITA standard, allowing fine-grain customization for each type of user.

Users can also configure their home page and create their own workspaces.

Advanced business functionalities are not forgotten: for example, adding a document template, metadata, an applicability parameter, a content library, etc. is just a few clicks away.

The DITA FACTORY CCMS is your best workmate

The simple ergonomics of the DITA FACTORY CCMS ensures the quick buy-in of your teams and consolidates the implementation of the DITA standard while the virtues of its collaborative features allow everyday tasks to be carried out efficiently and comfortably (creation, management, validation, publication, etc.).

The DITA Manager CCMS enables better monitoring, better organization and better control of document production by efficiently distributing the batches of files to be processed according to roles (assignment to internal employees or external service providers) and by controlling the progress and evolution of tasks (workflow status).

Users can quickly identify their task lists, and managers know the status of document projects at all times. The majority of cyclical (or iterative) tasks are optimized by DITA Manager CMS (reviewing source content, comparisons, translation and publication reviews, etc.).

The DITA FACTORY CCMS is a great communicator

Authoring work requires multiple and operational communication channels. The DITA FACTORY CCMS has the ability to quickly become part of your ecosystem, in your IT architecture through import and export functionalities or through its numerous APIs (REST API).

The use-cases for these functionalities are numerous: interfacing with systems in charge of translations (CAT tools, etc.), retrieving machine configurations, interfacing with third-party tools such as company directories (LDAP), various connectors (web CMS, video service providers such as YouTube or Dailymotion, 2D, 3D, CRM and customer databases, ERP, PLM, quality repositories, etc.), interconnection or data-feeding with digital broadcasting systems (App Store, Play Store, etc.).

Tell us about your projects – the DITA FACTORY CCMS will undoubtedly be able to answer them!


The DITA FACTORY CCMS is multimedia, cross-media... and transmedia

Multimedia because the DITA FACTORY CCMS includes all types of digital content: text, image, animation, video, 3D.

Cross-media because the DITA FACTORY CCMS provides publication chains for all media: PDF composition, data for your apps, files for on-board or export XML, HTML, XHTML.

Transmedia because the DITA FACTORY CCMS, via the applicability sets, defines content specific to each channel: visual and interactive tables of content for digital media, content that is specific to augmented reality for apps, etc.

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