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Today Renault Group is at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself. Strengthened by its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, and its unique expertise in electrification, Renault Group comprises 4 complementary brands – Renault, Dacia, Alpine and Mobilize – offering sustainable and innovative mobility solutions to its customers. Established in more than 130 countries, the Group sold 2.7 million vehicles in 2021.

It employs nearly 156,000 people who embody its Purpose every day, so that mobility brings people closer. Ready to pursue challenges both on the road and in competition, Renault Group is committed to an ambitious transformation that will generate value.

This is centered on the development of new technologies and services, and a new range of even more competitive, balanced and electrified vehicles. In line with environmental challenges, the Group’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040.

DITA FACTORY pour la digitalisation des lots de bord

Project drivers

In a context of rapid environmental, digital and economic change, the automotive world is evolving rapidly: cars are becoming connected, automated, and alerting or informing their drivers in real time. Meeting these challenges requires a thorough understanding of the technologies involved in digitalization.

In this context, the RENAULT Group wishes to develop its tools and methods in order to be able to propose to the end-customer, in addition to printed notices, dematerialized notices (on-board notices in the vehicles, interactive online notices, notices in the form of iOS or ANDROID apps).

For that, the RENAULT Group wishes to rely on a supplier that has:

  • Business knowledge of the publishing world and the automotive industry
  • Recognized technical know-how in data management and document standards
  • Strong engineering capability to support its digital transformation
  • A capacity to bring a long-term project with international implications to a successful conclusion

This project represents a major challenge for the Renault Group, as it should eventually enable it to respond to new uses with regard to the digitalization of publications, and improve the flow of information between the user and the manufacturer.

4D CONCEPT came forward

4D CONCEPT is a software publisher specializing in document engineering and more particularly in the design of modern publishing systems for any company wishing to communicate information in any form whatsoever.

4D CONCEPT’s design and information-publishing systems are used in many sectors.

4D CONCEPT works with major aerospace and defense companies. Companies that design and maintain very long-term projects such as airliners, fighter planes, drones, combat ships or submarines, armored vehicles, artillery systems, robots, etc.

4D CONCEPT also works with the major communications groups that need to cater for the widest audience and make sure that their publications reach their intended readership. These press groups, which have their origins in the written word and are linked to the printing industry, are pioneers in information structuring techniques.

Finally, 4D CONCEPT, a specialist in the automotive industry for over 20 years, is the designer of the DITA FACTORY software suite. This software suite covers the entire life cycle of documents that must meet cross-media expectations (all types of media) and be published in a multitude of languages and alphabets. This software suite has been designed to integrate the most recent XML document standard. In addition, DITA FACTORY offers a specialization of the DITA standard for automotive documentation.

The reasons for the Renault Group’s choice

4D CONCEPT, with its high level of expertise in the automotive industry, has shown its ability to listen, understand and quickly identify, with the RENAULT Group’s teams, several decisive areas for improvement that can be implemented quickly.

It was the DITA FACTORY software suite, with its simple and disruptive approach, just as much as the continuity provided by the trainers of the different business disciplines, that finally convinced the teams in charge of designing RENAULT Group’s On-Board Packages.

DITA FACTORY is an industrial, digital, and collaborative production chain that covers the entire car-user information process from beginning to end, from gathering information sources, to creating content, to managing, publishing and distributing that content via all digital and printed channels.

Discover the benefits of DITA FACTORY and the DITA standard!

Breaking free from constraints and responding to new challenges

The RENAULT Group’s document system has to meet legal requirements. It has been designed to produce On-Board Packages (glove box booklets) that cover all possible uses of the car’s features.

The digitized information offered today is generated after the printed publications have been validated. It consists of transforming the XML as it is written into HTML without overloading (additional information).

What looks like an economic advantage turns out to be a disadvantage when it comes to inserting interactive behavior into content such as can be offered by internet browsers, smartphones or other touch screens.

4D CONCEPT will provide step by step guidance and support to the RENAULT Group to find a different way of producing documentation modules, modifying its publication offering and increasing its distribution channels.

One of the main objectives will be to break free from the legal constraints of digital development. 4D CONCEPT will help the RENAULT Group to shift the legal liability of the On-Board Packages from the paper format to the exhaustive description of car features that is embedded in the cockpit.

The DITA FACTORY system ensures that all publication contexts are understood from the content creation stage. The RENAULT Group’s writers will be guided in how to make their writing more efficient and how to apply ever more structured authoring to all their content to meet the needs of interactivity.

The RENAULT Group will thus regain complete control over the level of granularity of this information, and will be able if it so wishes, to modify the volume of printed information, and reduce translation costs, without sacrificing the international characteristics of the brands.

Going digital

4D CONCEPT is a software editor that has always prided itself on its empathy and agility. Empathy allows it to project itself into the daily tasks of users, and agility allows it to adapt its software to the realities of the field.

4D CONCEPT’s task at RENAULT Group will be facilitated by DITA FACTORY’s operational excellence with regard to the production chain for natively digital publications.

It should also be remembered that DITA FACTORY includes simulation and validation back-offices for all digital publications.

This information system is natively capable of producing digital deliverables covering the entire production, publication and distribution process for all platforms:

  • interactive on-board packages for web browsers
  • interactive on-board packages for smartphone apps (the contents)
  • the apps themselves (the containers) with their submission cycles to the app stores
  • user and safety guides loaded into the vehicle displays
  • and all future systems offering new functional possibilities (5G connection, display of audio, video and 3D content, etc.)

We will regularly communicate the innovative details of this project to you, follow us!


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