A new jewel box for a new release !

For fall 2020, DITA FACTORY is remaking itself and publishing a new website to go with its latest...

What is DITA?

The XML DITA Standard is already unavoidable across the Atlantic. But What is DITA...

Client Story : A DITA CCMS for PSA

It is on the strength of its experience in this project that the 4D CONCEPT teams are continually improving their developments and the CCMS DITA FACTORY roadmap, convinced that the need expressed by the PSA Group was not isolated. Today, all the players in fields as varied as industry, digital services, publishing,...

DITA FACTORY steps up the pace

For this fall season 2020, the 4D Concept teams are very happy to present the brand-new version of the DITA FACTORY CCMS. DITA FACTORY V2 revolutionizes the world of creation and document management in DITA...

DITA, S1000D… What if you have to choose?

You've probably already heard of it; you've looked into it: DITA and S1000D are streamlined editorial standards that help you improve the management of the production and distribution of your technical publications (user manuals, maintenance manuals, training manuals, technical-sales offers,...

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