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Write easily and interact with your team

DITA Author, based on an oXygen™ core, allows you to write very simply by giving you real-time access, via a permanent connection to DITA Manager, to the contents in their different versions, and to the libraries, models and illustrations shared by the writing teams, according to user rights.

DITA Author gives you the comfort of a standard text editor, including a toolbar that manages lists and tables, enriched with a structuring style sheet adapted to your business. You produce XML without effort, with immediate validation according to the applicable rules.

From DITA Author, you also publish the structure of the publications and their own navigation characteristics for each medium you envisage using (paper, web, smartphone, and so on).

Revision tracking, comments, management of the applicabilities related to the DITA Manager repository, advanced search-and-replace functions: DITA Author positions you immediately in the forefront of DITA writing.


Strong points


Connected to DITA Manager, DITA Author is a real collaboration tool coupled with User Roles and optimizing both content sharing and the distribution of tasks within the writing team.


All content is accessible from DITA Author without the need to use the DITA Manager management interface. Referencing remote shared content (such as illustrations or libraries) is carried out transparently from standard menus. You can also back up your work locally during the logout phase.


Thanks to the shared and flexible file naming implemented in DITA Factory, the ranking and search of Topics is done simply via customizable categories adapted to all contexts.


The applicabilities (conditional filtering) and other configuration elements (non-breaking spaces, display CSS and so on), are centralized in DITA Manager, and shared with all the DITA Author stations automatically.


Main features

  • Direct opening of CCMS objects

  • Management of workflow states

  • Referencing CCMS (libraries & illustrations)

  • Comments management, review tracking

  • Applicability management (filter attributes)

  • Manage writing-assistance scripts at check-in

  • DITA map analysis tool

  • Remote configuration from DITA Manager

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