DITA XML Editor: Streamline your Writing and Interact with your Teams using DITA Author

Based on the well-known oXygen™ tool, the DITA XML editor DITA Author provides a straightforward writing solution by giving you real-time access to every single version of your content. Depending on user rights, its permanent connection to DITA Manager allows you to peruse all the libraries, models, and illustrations shared by the writing teams.

Thanks to its convenient toolbar that manages lists and tables, this XML editor offers all the comfort of a standard text editor. Complete with a stylesheet structuring the writing, DITA Author adapts to any business constraints. This means you can create content effortlessly and produce fully compliant content on the fly.

The DITA XML editor DITA Author provides a user-friendly platform from which you can also work on your publications’ structure and navigation characteristics. This is how the DITA Author makes creating DITA XML content ideally suited to the medium you need (paper, web, smartphone…) a very simple process.

Convenient functionalities allow you to track changes and manage comments and applicability relevant to the DITA Manager toolkit. The XML editor DITA Author even boasts improved search/replace functions to ensure your content is perfectly compliant with the DITA XML format.

DITA Author DITA Editor: XML Standards at your Fingertips


You can use the DITA XML editor online thanks to its connection to DITA Manager, which turns DITA Author into a true user-role-based collaborative tool. It optimises both the way DITA XML content is shared and the division of tasks within the content writing team.


With DITA Author’s DITA XML editor, content becomes easy to manage with or without a connection to the DITA Manager interface. Referencing your productions remotely (graphics, libraries…) is simpler than ever and completely transparent through the use of standard menus. The XML editor DITA Author allows you to save your work locally in case your Internet connection drops.


By implementing a flexible, consensus-based file-naming system, DITA FACTORY assists you with topic research and categorisation through a customisable database that can be adapted to any context.


Applicability (conditional filtering) and other configuration elements (non-breaking spaces, …) are centralised within DITA Manager and automatically shared with every DITA Author station.

DITA XML Editor: DITA Author’s Main Functionalities


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