For fall 2020, DITA FACTORY is remaking itself and publishing a new website to go with its latest version.

As one of the rare European publishers to master the ins and outs of the DITA XML standard, 4D Concept has chosen to offer everyone a new discovery space in order to share its expertise by presenting the myriad content created with DITA, and also explaining how to transform a project into a success.

In the hope that everyone will find the information they need on this new website, the entire DITA FACTORY team is at your disposal to answer your questions and present its latest innovations in the field of document production management..

Discover our new pages

Increase your business...

Simplify the work of all those involved in a documentation project, create new perspectives for your content, and new offerings for your customers.

and enjoy some peace of mind!

DITA allows you to gain in quality, security and time-to-market, while improving cost effencies. Easily interoperable, DITA increases the range of possibilities...and advantages.

We are with you...

From the needs analysis to project management, including expert auditing and staff training

on all markets!

Whatever the need for document production, whether for data or technical documentation, for maintenance, or for hardware or software use, DITA FACTORY is the software package for you!


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