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Why using DITA ?

Speed up the production

DITA FACTORY, fully compatible with the standard, uses all its strengths and mechanisms to reduce the overall production time of content and ensure its publication by connecting easily to physical or digital production lines.

Decrease the bill

DITA FACTORY is a vector for significant savings. By facilitating the reuse of content, it rationalizes authoring and translation costs.

improve the quality of deliverables

By offering authoring assistance and automating a large number of tasks, DITA FACTORY avoids the most well-known errors and defects in technical documentation and opens up new perspectives in terms of customization and customer relations.

The DITA suite


DITA Author is an authoring tool that makes it easy to create all your content. Publication content, connected to the database, is accessible via an ergonomic widget that makes DITA Author the ideal tool for developing publication assets as a team.

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The DITA Manager DITA CCMS makes managing documents a breeze by providing convenient web-based tools that are easy to understand and use.

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DITA Publisher is the essential component of the DITA FACTORY software package.
DITA Publisher is a true automatic typesetting machine, capable of simply creating all the physical and digital deliverables necessary for documentation cross-media distribution. It accepts all formats: configurable automated DTP, connection with web CMS, apps submissions, etc.

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Who has never wanted a portal designed especially for using documentation? DITA Viewer is the answer, offering a plug-and-play application that runs on all the main browsers. Building on our research and by adding value to content, DITA Viewer offers you the opportunity to put interactive documentation in your user’s pocket.

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News about DITA and our products

A new jewel box for a new release !

For fall 2020, DITA FACTORY is remaking itself and publishing a new website to go with its latest...

What is DITA?

The XML DITA Standard is already unavoidable across the Atlantic. But What is DITA...

Client Story : A DITA CCMS for PSA

It is on the strength of its experience in this project that the 4D CONCEPT teams are continually improving their developments and the CCMS DITA FACTORY roadmap, convinced that the need expressed by the PSA Group was not isolated. Today, all the players in fields as varied as industry, digital services, publishing,...


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